Video Blogging Challenge – Day 9

Looking the part.
Do you need to look ‘good’ for video blogging?
My pragmatic head says blog in what you are wearing, looking like you are looking.

Video Blogging Challenge – Day 7 and 8

I didn’t record a video blog yesterday, so here are two learning points today.

1. doesn’t allow anything remotely commercial on their site – fair enough! I won’t be able to using them again for anything other than personal blogging.

2. After trying to find a free alternative, I decided the easiest way to capture an extract of a video on the internet was to record it with my FlipCam, just like I do with some of my video blogs?
The motivation behind this was my Dad’s photo appearing on “The One Show” on BBC 1 last night and we wanted to keep a copy for posterity. See the results below.


Video Blogging Challenge – Day 6

Dashing to get out to an evening of learning tonight, so here is a whirlwind review of what I thought about the three videos.

But don’t take my word for it see the results for yourself here and let me know what you think.

(Note: in testing I also posted a video which was ‘of a commercial nature’ so all my videos have been removed!)

Video Blogging Challenge – Day 5

I have had a play with Vimeo and today.

I wanted to find out what the alternatives to hosting videos on YouTube are.

Signing up was easy for both and uploading straight forward see the results for your self below.



Video Blogging Challenge – Day 4

I have used an iPad2 to record my video blog today.
I was inspired by a ‘FaceTime’ Conversation I have just had with my mum iPad to iPad.

I can definitely say that this has been by far the speediest way to get a video to YouTube so far.
Not being familiar with many of the applications on a iPad (I had never even taken a photo on one before, but have played games!) I decided not to even edit my video today.
Yesterday I cut a second or two from the start and finish, but I must be getting less self conscious as the start and finish were definitely slicker today and it only took me two takes.

Video Blogging Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 and today I decided to use the kit I already have to improve the stability of the video image.

I mounted a FlipCam on a tripod just above the height of my head (my chin always looks better if I am looking slightly up!).

I think there are several advantages and disadvantages and interestingly a number of the features appear on both lists, see below:


  • Steady
  • Audio has less of an echo
  • Flip Cam better quality (HD)
  • Movie proportions (if you like that sort of thing)
  • I am not distracted by seeing myself during filming
  • Quick to set up and Flip cam and be stored on tripod for easy reuse (although I tend to take my FlipCam everywhere I go at the moment because you never know when it will be needed


  • I can’t see myself before filming to know if I am sitting in the right position. This would be annoying if I record a really good blog only to discover I have chopped my head off the image!
  • Just doesn’t feel like I have as much control and that another pair of eyes would be useful during the setup
  • Black strip top and bottom when viewing on normal computer screen

I thought it would take significantly longer to transfer the recording from my camera to my computer rather than using the inbuilt webcam, but I was wrong, the size of the file is still (or is it the length of the video?) still impacts the time a file takes to load in Windows Movie Maker and also in the final save.

It was interesting that I only opened the third and final ‘take’ in Movie Maker rather than reviewing the first two takes first, this reduced my editing time significantly. Perhaps I am getting better at knowing what I like and what will and will not work?

Video Blogging Challenge – Day 2

Day Two and I decided to just talk today, no script, no plan and very little preparation.

I tried to iron out the bouncing from day one to by balancing my laptop on a ladder. Unfortunately the ladder wasn’t wide enough so I went back to plan A and balanced my laptop on my knee on top of two cushions and a pillow!

Managed to get the video shot in just three takes (compared to nearer 10 yesterday).

List of new things to try:

  • Use my FlipCam instead of laptop web camera – compare for sound, stability and visual quality
  • Separate microphone attached to laptop to remove echo
  • second spot light to avoid half my face being in shadow.

Things I liked better today:

  • Felt more natural and flowed better
  • Less bothered about odd facial expressions (they are all part of me!)
  • Discovered I had something valuable to say even though I thought I hadn’t.

Really pleased that I made time to record and publish this blog even after a full on day meeting with some inspiring individuals Clare Fulton, Simon Cowley and Angela Jenson.

Ideas for future blogs:

  • Step by step guide/video to how I recorded and published my blog, perhaps stills with voice over.

Video Blogging Challenge – Day 1

This is the first of 30 videos I plan to post over the next 30 days. This personal challenge is inspired by Matt Cutts at TED, and marketing experts Sarah Arrow and Simon Jordan.
So far it has taken me 1 hour to post this 1-minute video.

  • I wrote bullet points of what I wanted to say
  • Decided which part of my office would have the best background. I ended up sitting on my desk looking out to my window – the tidiest part of my office and a reminder of advent!
  • Videoed me talking at least 3-4 times using Window Live Movie Maker.
  • Edited the content again using Window Live Movie Maker.
  • Tried to publish to but failed because the free version won’t accept videos.
  • Published to YouTube.
  • Inserted a link to YouTube video into my blog